Wednesday, September 24, 2008

P Diddy Beverly Drillbilly

But what do I know? The photo of Combs in dog doo Strengthening made the cover of Saturday New York Post, with the caption Poo-Diddy! Rap heavy steps in it big-time. The fact that the rap Sean Comb Mogul, aka P Diddy, stepped into a pile of dog shit on a Midtown sidewalk Manhattan the other day does not seem to be a particular news event, IMHO. .

Thurman Martin Join Quot Muppets Christmas Quot

Martin, L Hollywood Reporter says.. NEW YORK, Sept. 20 (UPI) - The next NBC special Letters to Santa - A Muppets Christmas will be Uma Thurman actress and actor Jesse L.

Barbs Traded Over Rights To Pics Of Marilyn Monroe And Other Dead Celebs

Politicians who support for the implementation of the music of $ 100,000 have introduced a measure to give the company control of dead celebrities on the licensing of their images after their death.. Anna Strasberg, the widow of Monroe acting coach and Lee Strasberg Actors Studio stalwart, is passing around fistfuls of money in Albania to try to get the last word on all the skills-Monroe, the Daily News has learned.

Thurman Martin Join Quot Muppets Christmas Quot

NEW YORK September. The entertainment publication said Friday Kill Bill actress will play Santa Claus assistant special holiday flight, while the Law Order actor will play a singing postal worker. The TV special follows Kermit the Frog and other Muppet characters as an attempt to honor the holiday wishes of three children who wrote letters to Santa Claus. 20 (UPI) - The next NBC special Letters To Santa -- A Muppets Christmas will Uma Thurman actress and actor Jesse L. Martin, L Hollywood Reporter says.

Life As A Legend Marilyn Monroe Exhibition Scandal

When people die, they usually leave behind memories, sweet memories and hopefully positive. For many years touring the world d art exhibition Life as a Legend: Marilyn Monroe is now linked to a scandal of some fun, not nature. Not so in the case of shocking Marilyn Monroe foster sister Eleanor Bebe Goddard, who left behind a bomb shell, literally speaking. Memorabilia fraud, in this case - the insurance fraud. Mark Bellinghau, CEO, Marilyn Monroe Productions, LLC, an official expert witness Queen Mary Marilyn Monroe fraud class action 2006 / 2007.